Tutukaka Marina

For more information on these berths call 09-376-3034, 0274-759-092 or email ken@marinaberths.com

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Berths for Sale

Finger placement is determined by boat positioned bow into berth.

Updated 27/08/2014








Pier M 10m RHS 4.1m 2.6m $39,500 Priced to sell, these don't come up very often.
Pier A 10m YES 4.65m 2.2m $45,000 Near carpark short walk.
Pier C 12m YES 5.15m 2.2m $49,000 Very keen Vendor!
Pier M 12m LHS 4.5m 2.2m $43,000 $40,000 $38,000 Not far from ramp a very good spot,  As you can see its the best priced Marina Berth in Tutukaka, Owner wants it sold, All out going paid till October 2014. Call 0274-759-092
Pier M 12m LHS 5.0m 2.2m 58,000 New part of the marina
Pier B 12m Cat LHS 7.5m 2.2m POA This is the only cat berth available in Tutukaka call us now
Pier L 12m LHS 4.8m 2.2m $69,000 Great spot to be
Pier D 12m LHS 5.?M 2.2m $49,000 Available now !!! Prime spot, Close in by showers, quiet, look at the price. !!
Pier C 12m YES 5m 2.2m $55,000  
Pier E 12/13m Yes 5m 2.2 $55,000 Very Sheltered Berth , no tide, new ropes and may take 13m boat.
Pier A 14m Yes ? ? Urgent sale Lets talk, MUST BE SOLD
Pier E 14m Yes 5.2m ? $52,000 Short walk from Ramp, This vendor wants the berth sold.
Pier B 14m YES 5.5m 2.2m $60,000 Great price
Pier E 14m RHS 5.4m 2.4m $61,900 Close to gate,  Quality Fenders , whole pier rebuilt 2011
Pier E 14m Yes 5.4 ? POA Close to gate
Pier K 14m RHS 5.0m 2.4m Sold by us This is must see you may be surprised by the price !! Owner wants it SOLD
Pier K 14m RHS 5.0m 2.4m POA Vendor says sell, By the CAFE
Pier A 16m YES 5.8 2.5m Sold by us Front of the fishing club.
Pier E 16m Yes 5.5m ? 2.5.? $100,000 ONO This good buying
Pier J 16m LHS 5.5m 3.0m $83,000  Well priced.
Pier K 16m LHS 5.5m 3.0m $95,000 Hay look ay me i am ready to sell, nice to get into and up by the cafe.
Pier K 16m LHS 5.5m 3.0m $100,000 THIS IS GOOD BUYING. NO MORE BEING BUILT !
Pier J 18m RHS ? ? $145,000 Close to the club, Great spot
Pier L 20m Yes 6.6m 4m $175,00 End of pier berth perfect easy access. Vendor will look at terms on sale. This berth can be rented out privately with change of license
Pier J 20m LHS 6.6m 3m POA Best Spot in Tuts, Call now.